Thursday, 26 December 2013

Monday, 23 December 2013

Gsms ( version 1.0)

Gsms is a basic android application which is developed by gokul raj kumar. It is an normal messenger app which can be only used to send message, in this version it only supports sending message.
Suggestions for the next version of the Gsms  are welcome.
Gsms version 2.0 is coming soon.        
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Using Gsms you can send a regular text message which contains text upto 160 characteres. Separate Toast notifications for the sent SMS and the failed to send SMS notifications are available. The sent messages are volatile.( ie. you can only view the sent sms until you are using the application. when you close the application the sent items list will be erased. )

        * Send SMS with maximum of 160 characters.
                    * Toast notifications for sent SMS.

                    * Toast notifications for failed SMS.

                    * Volatile Sent items list.

sms application
Gsms home screen
sms applications
Gsms sent items
User comments are welcome to notify any Bugs or suggestions to improve the Apps. :)


Click To download sms.apk

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Sunday, 22 December 2013


Download Link available Below.
My simple Calculator App... :)

* 9 Digit calculator
* Supports Floating Point
* Performs basic Arithmetic Operations.

Notify me for any Bugs or suggestions about the Apps... :)
           Download and extract into folder.
         * Install DS-DIGIT.TTF fonts.
         * Run Gcal.exe.
         * Ignore any warnings.

      System Requirements:
        Requires .NET framework 2.0 or above.
Click To download GCal for PC.


Wednesday, 18 December 2013


          Download Link available Below.
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Get it on google playSpinner is a Fun application which stimulates the Tossing action. Like tossing a coin for Head/Tail. This application uses random numbers to create the result of tossing action. Keep updated with the new applications by visiting the blog via the application. Links to the blog is provided in the application.


        * Find answers to the unanswered Questions. 
        * This is a FUN app which prints 'YES' or 'NO' randomly. 


Home screen
Spinner No
Spinnner About

Notify me for any Bugs or suggestions about the Apps... :)


Click To download Spinner.apk
Get it on google play


              This is my first simple android application which can perform basic addition and subtraction of two numbers.

Technical Features of Adder:

The application is designed to work in portrait mode. Linearlayout is used inoder to support for large variety of the devices with variable screen sizes. Adder consists of only one activity.
source code is available on request. Comment your e-mail ID below to get the full source of adder application.


addition android app
Click To download Adder.apk