Reverse a doubly linked list solution

Reverse a doubly linked list solution

Problem Statement

You’re given the pointer to the head node of a doubly linked list. Reverse the order of the nodes in the list. The head node might be NULL to indicate that the list is empty.

Source Code:

   Reverse a doubly linked list, input list may also be empty  
   Node is defined as  
   struct Node  
    int data;  
    Node *next;  
    Node *prev;  
 Node* Reverse(Node* head)  
   Node *cur = head,*temp = new Node;  
   // Complete this function  
   // Do not write the main method.   
   while(cur !=NULL){  
     temp->next = cur->next;  
     temp->prev = cur->prev;  
     cur->next = temp->prev;  
     cur->prev = temp->next;  
     cur = temp->next;  
       head = cur;  
   return head;  


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